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The Occasionnale is celebrating Salad Days!


Although planning an interlude, this summer is so glorious we wanted to celebrate it and what better way than a seasonal mixture of art and sport.


A banquet of activities over the course of Saturday and Sunday: Artist versus Critic events, including badminton, sack races and splat the rat.  No country rats will be harmed in this exercise.  Camping and campfires with marshmallows and music is planned for the evening, as well as a foraging walk on Sunday. Other surprises are sure to feature on the menu throughout the weekend.


Salad Days would be a bit tasteless without a Side Salad exhibiton. All guests are welcome to bring their own or make an artwork on site with supplies from the Ocassionale market stall.  Artworks can be any media, must be able to fit within the dimensions of a salad bowl, be self supporting, and will be shown in the small gallery space.  There is a go bananas, think outside the box option—but if it doesn’t fit in a salad bowl, it's just not side salad material, and will need to find its own space.


If guests wish to send artwork in advance, please email or dm us for details on Instagram.  Once artwork is received, it will be featured on our Instagram account.  Artists will need to personally collect their work at the end of the show as we can’t take any responsibility for returning it.


We would love help from anyone wishing to volunteer over the weekend. Volunteers will be rewarded with effusive thanks, positive karma, and a place to sleep.  


Ingredients also welcome to make salads—real salads!—for the Saturday evening feast. 


Follow us @the_occasionnale for updates and to say hi!

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